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  1. Your in-game nickname: Wolf_Pack Your country: United States Time & days when you might be mostly active: 10:00 - 12:45 EDT (-4) Are you part of some team in the tournament (YES/NO): Not at this point in time.
  2. If you have trouble finding someone, I could probably record something. Just send me a message, or PM me on Discord. I don't add people on Skype anymore for the most part though.
  3. Hey guys. How's it going? I've taken some time to consider it, and I would like to come back. A little bit about myself For those on the staff that don't know me well, my name is Thomas. I go by Wolf_Pack or MWP47 in-game. I'm from the United States. I mostly spend free time anymore playing Rocket League, pool, and MTA. I also chill with friends. I've had a ton of free time lately though because I left my old job some time back, and I'm pretty much just waiting on some stuff to go through before I go to my new job. Previous clans Smaller community clans may be omitted Team-NeO (April 2012 - November 2013) Team-NeO was the first server I played on regularly, and the first server I ever joined in MTA. In my time there, I made a ton of friends (some which I still message even though they don't play anymore). I also got up to the rank of a team member, a level 8 admin on their MTA server (equal to S.Mod pretty much), and a VIP on their Minecraft server (semi-mod pretty much) before they shut down all their servers. xTreme Diversion / xTreme Skillers (January 2014 - February 2014, 2015 - 2015, June 2016 - July 2016) This was a community I came across a little bit of time after NeO closed. One of my old friends from NeO introduced me to it. I gave the clan a few tries because I really like the leader. He's a pretty chill dude. I never really felt like I was fitting in there though as it was mainly was a DM competitive clan. Death on Approach (Main run February 2014 - late 2014, a few more runs in the past couple years) This was a project and a clan in which was started up in hopes of making a MGM server back in 2014. Founders consisted of FearTheWasp, Duffman, and myself. It was a fun project that mainly consisted of former NeO members at first, and then we started meeting a lot of good people along the way. Our project hit a heavy halt when we lost a lot of our data though. Duffman (our main coder) was starting to become inactive as well as some other members too, so we decided it was best to shut down at that point. I've tried bringing it back a few times, but it didn't work out too well in my opinion. We still ended up meeting quite a few more good people in the last few runs though. Twisted Gamers (October 2015 - March 2016) I enjoyed my time here when I joined. It was definitely one of the best clans I was a part of (next to DoA and NeO) in my opinion. It was pretty fun being able to get involved in the events, and helping the players. There were a few problems whenever I was on the team, but I think those specific problems are actually gone now considering the roster is pretty different at this point. I mainly chose to leave at the time because I was starting to lose interest in the game. I did end up leaving MTA a couple weeks after I left TG, but I didn't actually leave for too long. I guess I just needed a break. Zurio (October? 2016 - January 2017) I had some high hopes for this team, and I figured I could maybe assist in some way. At first, I got to help with map testing quite a bit, then things slowed down. Things were still fun over there, but I did decide to leave for some personal reasons that pretty much had nothing to with the clan itself. Why would I like to join? I feel like I could help a lot more this time around. I'm more or less impressed by what I've been seeing lately as well. I feel like I could possibly fit as well as I did previously if not more. I feel like things will be a little better than last time too to be honest. Skills / Experience / Other capabilities I have mod experience from other places as well as TG. I'm capable of refereeing, organizing, recording, and possibly streaming events. I think my in-game skills may be at a record low at this point though. My server activity isn't too high, but I believe it would be enough to meet your requirements. I can always hop in-game if needed, but I just don't want to kill my drive to play. I check the forums daily (sometimes more if needed). I'm almost always available on Discord as well. This definitely isn't the best JR I've ever made, but hopefully you didn't get too bored reading. Thanks for reading.
  4. Nice to see those fixes being made. :) Gl surflexy in your new position and good luck to any applicants. Hope you guys get some good additions.
  5. As a few may know, I started a little MTA series over a couple months back. I didn't plan to take this long to make a new episode for it, but it's something I gotta be in the right mood to do. If it makes things a little better, I put more editing into this one. I hope you guys enjoy it. This edition is an OS map, and it was a disaster for me. The map is pretty good though. I didn't put too many credits in the description atm (because there's a lot of stuff). If you want to know the bgm for a certain part, just ask and I'll gladly respond.
  6. Congrats @Lehelms
  7. Good luck..
  8. Ey there.
  9. Getting bored lately and wanting to do more with Youtube lately. This is the result. If people like it, I may do more. All necessary credits are in the video's description.
  10. Krzysztof's maps and scripting never fail to impress me. Good job dude.
  11. Good luck man. I'll miss seeing those conversations between you and Knif3. xd
  12. PvP system definitely needs some changes for sure (to prevent teaming mainly). It probably will be changed when/if the update happens. PvP is at your own risk though. You're risking the chance of getting cheated if you face someone you don't even know. Why blame the system? You're not forced to accept every single pvp request you get.
  13. Looks like something okay to go into the DM room. It could definitely use more deco. Honestly don't see anything OS about this map though. I have no clue why anyone would think that.
  14. I'll definitely drink with ya if you come to the U.S. xd good luck with your goals outside of mta man.