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  1. Rich Chigga is understimated

  2. BriaN Ft Andro Ft AxEroX Ft BreAkeR - Sunlit County

    it looks pretty good. nice editing :)
  3. Im thinking about a mapshop change, mainly on the DM room. Remove the queue, the same person cant buy a new map for 15 minutes. try to respond with some ideas as well, so we can take them and maybe apply it on the server :) Greetings, bullet
  4. BlueRay's Infernus Pulse +

    well done. i'll try it in game :)
  5. [LEAVING] Flame says Bye.

    Good luck with your life. Farewell :(
  6. [DM] Andro Vol10 - Paradise Of Andershell II

    even better than brazzers
  7. [DM]CzerkA v.5 - The External Pulse of

    the track is, meeh. the decos are really good. Great job
  8. Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    congratz. you won some pizzas
  9. SebaS v18 - Miscellaneous

    Thanks for your faboulous maps :3
  10. i'll never be alone, cause you're in my soul

    1. SquoniX
    2. Bullet:3


      I'll never make you cry, make you cry
      You give me sun rise with your smile

    3. SquoniX


      You never leave me alone, I see you following me on the streets. 

      I never want you in my life because you give me the creeps. 

  11. Clan War Bets

    13-7 TG
  12. breaker :O miss the old times, btw good map and editing :)
  13. [DM] Simas v9- Uta

    simas must play osu. neb