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  3. Hello! How are you? The map does not really look like a v2, the level of detail in the decorations, scripts and even the track is very impressive! Flexxy did a really good job in this map and we are making the download available, feel free to download! check it out! Download Song name? Seven Lions & Jason Ross ft. Paul Meany - Higher Love Infernus? vM1cra v5 - Unique Spoiler/No Plate Lights? NitroN - Leon
  4. Riser: Sorry for the lags, im trying to upgrade my pc next month!Recorder: Rise[R]Editor: Rise[R]Music : Koven - Final Call Cheers
  5. Welcome back.
  6. Post a picture of your city, i will wait. Declaring communism gone wrong.
  7. @Known @Known
  8. You should embed the video next time. The editing was great, and I must say that the map itself has great decoration. Definitely a great job!
  9. welcome back korean beast, i thought i would never see you again..
  10. Welcome back Roddy!
  11. Welcome back, Deathmatch beast!
  12. Team Name: Pro's In BlackTeam Tag: PB!Skype & name of the leader: my skype : Ken Dahana & name: DMastah, discord : ⎝⎝╱⧹DMastahGame⧸╲⎠⎠#3824Team logo link: Team Players:1) DMastah - Indonesia2) iReflict - Saudi Arabia3) Mazen - Egypt4) Inder - India5) Sar(A.K.A Saqib) - PakistanTeam Reserves (there should be at least one reserve):1) aRjUn - India2) Toser - Egypt
  13. wb PROddy ;)
  14. Welcome back TGroddy
  15. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [DM] i[R]anLee* v12 - TRANSFORMERS ! Video Watch in 1080p Contact : Skype : iranlee- Youtube Channel :
  16. Hola Prro regreso :'v
  17. Ayeee Roddy Welcome back
  18. Welcome back!
  19. welcome back
  20. We're not the spare wheel of anyone. :579dcfa3146d2_EmojiSmiley-41::579dcfaf47a03_EmojiSmiley-106:

    1. GeroX



  21. Welcome back roddy
  22. @dominat6688 Just work on it, I'll pay you whenever we meet in the server.
  23. welcome back roddy. Nice to see you back :)
  24. I wanted to leave the MTA, but I could not and I wondered about tg's news while I was living my life. So I decided to come back to TG. I'm playing TG with a nickname called Psy | NewFace!. i will finish all hard map in tg
  25. Accept wating payment
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