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    • Dear TG Me My name is Paulo, I am 19 years old from Brazil. Career I've been playing MTA since 2009, I started playing on KodiaK's server where I spent around 1 year playing and learning the entire game. The maps were completely different back then. Played on a couple of servers after UK's, called La Tropica, Xtreme Gamers, What The F*ck. It is a long ago, so sadly I can't remember any other servers. Throughout that time, I also learned how to manage the map editor, which is the biggest reason of me becoming famous and better known within the MTA community. I have made 11 maps on my own. In 2011 I visited FFS server, where I spent most of my career playing. I joined some small teams, but nothing really relevant. I went banned from FFS and afterwards I took a break. I decided to back, met TG and right after I became a member, started designing but unfortunately I got kicked 2 weeks later for being unprofessional and arrogant. Now, 1 month ago I guess, I have been working for TG outside the development team. Teams La Tropica Xtreme Gamers What the F*ck The Speed Warriors Five Team Twisted Gamers How would you be useful It is clear that I am useful for TG so far, I am a high level designer, I master some softwares as Photoshop, Sony Vegas, OBS Studio and I know the basic of Cinema 4D and After Effects. I have experience with administration, I know how to deal with hard situations.
    • Hey guys,
      here is my second recording. BliZarD made a great egypt themed map. I hope you'll enjoy it     
    • Hello, today for a change Shooter CW which we played against Neon Gaming. The clan war has ended with the score of 14-6 for Twisted Gamers. I want to thank our opponent for the effort and the ability to play this battle, as well as @IntreLeX for refereeing and streaming.  Big thanks goes to Neon Gaming! Congratulations to: - @Mecha
      - @fano23
      - @DiablO.
      - @ChroniK
      - @Mazda
      - @Krew
    • Hey there! In this short announcement I'm talking about our current situation - as you may have noticed, we have been down for almost 2 weeks now, but why, and what are we doing about it? Why? Well, it isn't an MTA server problem, because as you may have noticed, server is still online, but once you try to connect you time out and the server kicks you... With the help of @Tommeh, we have contacted our hosting provider and noticed our network is crashing somehow when the server is sending data. :/ What are we doing about it? Well, as I said we have contacted our host provider, and they are working on it, and hopefully problem will be fixed soon - so stay tuned, for further updates about this issue. We really miss everyone at the server. With nothing else to say for now, I wish you all a great day.   Best regards, Twisted Gamers administration.
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