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    • - Name, and nickname in-game: My name is Stefan also known as Mousy

      - Age: I am 17 years old

      - Nationality and country of residence: I am living in a small city called ''Lemelerveld'' in the east of Holland.

      - Biography, about me: My name is Stefan and I live in The Netherlands, I am seventeen years old and studying 'green retail' on the 'Groene Welle' in Zwolle. Green Retail is an education where you learn all about plants and how to properly sell stuff to customers and the whole progress between supplier and the shop. I got 2 brothers which one of them is playing MTA aswell and sometimes playing on TG aswell. I am in real life a boy which likes to go out in the weekends and play all kind of games like CS:GO, Dota2, League of Legends and MTA:SA. Currently I am working in a garden centre and that’s something I realy enjoy doing in my spare time and wish to make it a future job of mine. In real life i’m a mature, but quiet person. I am someone who realy cares and thinks about people, and if someone needs support I will try to help them. The Netherlands is a beautiful country with friendly and amazing people and that's something I believe is a must in the world, having friendly people around you which support you when you're in need of help. The Netherlands is also a country with a bright future and good education to grow. I am someone with a creative eye on everything and someone which likes to keep everything organized even tho I am a bit lazy some times.

      - Previous clans: (for more information about the history, see the mta career section)
      Just Sound - I left it because I started to play more shooter. 
      Tyfus Racers - It did get closed after a few internal troubles and the team's reputation was not something to write home about after a while so the leaders decided to close the clan aswell as many players decided to leave.
      FuriouZ Gaming - It did get closed after some time.
      3LiteRacers - Left, the behavior of the leaders changed and the friendly atmosphere was completely gone.
      Most Valuable Players - Leaders closed the clan.
      ZF' Zero Fear (team) - Left, the team went terribly inactive and lost the fun.
      The Crew Gaming - I did leave TC because I did not quite feel home anymore due to the fact that the atmosphere turned 180 degrees and members started to create some troubles internal which caused reputational troubles which I'd rather stay out of.

      - My career in MTA: San Andreas: I got recommended by a friend to buy GTA San Andreas and to start playing MTA:SA, I started my career in the roleplaying server CIT2 5 years ago so in 2011-2012, I have met alot of amazing players there, and still, I am surrounded by amazing players there. After 1 year of playing in the roleplaying server I found out there were also ‘racing’ servers, I found this server, Twisted Gamers and I started to play the gamemode Oldschool and advanced some skills, knowledge about the gamemode. After some time I started to know more about the gamemode shooter, which is just a brilliant gamemode with both tactics and teamwork. Nowadays I am a shooter player which often plays OS and DM just for fun. In my mta career I have met alot of friendly and amazing people. My first clan in my career was a clan called ‘Just Sound’ it was an oldschool/shooter clan, it was a realy small, unofficial clan with some friends of mine. I believe nowadays the clan is still alive with just 2 or 3 members. I was in the clan for almost half a year and was up for a new adventure, I met Mazda, which is still a good friend of mine and I got accepted in Tyfus Racers after getting tested. I really enjoyed being in this clan and I felt so great there, such amazing atmosphere. I have been in this clan for I believe almost 1 year, it was a honor and a great experience to be part of the clan but sadly after more than 1 year it got closed which was a shock for me as I really enjoyed it. My third clan was FuriouZ Gaming which had some players from Tyfus Racers and recruited some really great shooter players, in that clan I started to know about the ‘high jumps’ and started to visit 3LiteRacers server after some time. After like 5 months, FuriouZ Gaming got closed, for being inactive and the leaders toke the decision to close it rather than continuing. As I mentioned, I started to play in the 3R server and after some time being clanless I wrote an apply to 3R in the hope to get accepted and I got accepted. I have been in 3R for like 9 months and after some time I left 3R because the behavior of the leaders started to change and the atmosphere of the community changed into something I’d rather stay out of. After some time being clanless again I got informed about a clan called ‘Most Valuable Players’, which was a DM and DD team. They were about to create a shooter team when I got informed about it and I felt so excited, I tried to apply in the hope to get accepted and, got accepted! I realy enjoyed my time there but sadly it died and got closed. #MvP! Was a clan with a realy great community, great people and experienced members. I realy enjoyed being part of it and once again it was a honor because the clan was big and got some experienced players. Within a community/team I am someone which is always trying to keep and always tried to keep the harm, and fun within a community as I don’t like people arguing or fighting within a team/community. Currently I am playing on the following servers; TG, 3R, FFS and CIT but most of the times you can find me in TG. I recently left The Crew Gaming, about 5 to 7 months ago. I was part of their shooter team and at the first sight was realy excited about the project and the team but after 1 year of being part of that team I decided to leave it to search for a new challenge, new gamemode.  Now in 2017 you may have not seen my face around here that much because I recently returned from a long period of inactivity and I am pleased and glad to see every server is filled again with peeps whom were with me since the beginning. I am full of exhaustment to start up a new challenge and get the feeling for the game again, meet the people again, and be useful again and show love to the ones whom love me again.

      - Skills: I would consider myself as an experienced shooter player, as I have been in some big and successful shooter clans. I can bring my experience to clanwars, and help you win Clanwars. I am someone who is able to handle both, AK and GK very well. I can also handle the hunter well and I am able to defeat some regular players with it. I am able to communicate realy well within a team. My favorite shooter maps are: Adidas - Burst or Monster - King of the World aswell as Castle, the most famous maps I believe. I would also like to mention a non-shooter related skill of mine, which is making Graphical Designs. I’d mention my portfolio down the page if you are interested to see my work. - Why do I want to join Twisted Gamers?: Becoming a member of Twisted Gamers has always been on my bucked list but never realy taken any action as I am I shooter player and did not have the oppurtunity yet to join the team and because I could not qualifie myself to join it as my Deathmatching and DD skills are fairly average/low. I would like to join TG to be an exceptional member of the community that counts with a 'rolemodel' attitude, I most likely like achieve that goal and to be a ‘rolemodel’ of the members around here. To teach, guide, and share is one of the fellow things i’d like to achieve/do and get my hands on. I admit I was not that active these months but that was because I was inactive for a few months, don't know how long actually as I was visiting from time to time. I wish to share my leading quality, experience and skills with all the other community members and as already mentioned, be a rolemodel for the members around here, especially the new members and to be Twisted Gamers's sincelery representative. I hope to achieve to be a Twisted Gamers member with this application to make the members respect eachother, follow the rules and improve theirselfs with my information, experience and keep the harm within the community. I am sure I got no problems to fit well within the team as I know alot of the members inside of the team and I'd be pleased and realy glad to get the oppurtunity to be a fellow teammate of them. - What can I bring to the team?: I can bring alot of experience within 2 gamemodes, which are; Shooter and Oldschool. I am an oldest member around here and did nolife shooter and oldschool on this server and so on gained a handset of skills which in my opinion are certainly enough to join this team. I can be of a great value due the fact that I am mature, loyal and positive minded. I would consider myself as a good shooter member no matter what others think, every member is unique in it's sort and I would consider myself unique due the fact that I do have excellent groundkilling skills. I would not like to show that attitute of being a selfspotter and that's another thing to mention about me, I am someone which takes eachothers opinions and actually realy is going to work on it as clear as I can. I can bring some graphical skills to the team (medium) and I am an old Olschool player aswell which has been playing the gamemode for several years aswell. Combined with my experience, maturity, loyalty, english language capabilities and overall skills I would consider myself being eligable to join this amazing team.

      - What do I expect from Twisted Gamers?: I expect to see teamwork and communication within the team. I am someone which enjoys to play in a ‘family-like’ atmosphere and I believe I will and can get it around here. Another important thing I do expect is: ''Respect, Eqaulity and Friendship''. I believe in a community respect for eachother, equality and friendship is the most important thing. I have been watching this clan for a long while now and I see the communication within the team is great and I see you guys realy respect eachother. I never thought of joining the team because I am not having deathmatching, nor destruction derby skills. I'm right here today to finally apply for this team to get close with my fellow shooter collegues whom are in the team and maybe in the future play important clanwars versus other shooter clans and that's also a thing I'd expect from a team with this experience to win the clanwars aswell.

      - Miscellaneous: You can contact me on my skype: if you’d like to start a conversation with me or want to know more about me, don’t hesitate to contact me. Also you can contact me on my skype for a design request. My portfolio of my work: Click me
      I also created some mta videos and uploaded them to youtube you can see some stunts, my oldschool map, intros and a small shooter montage, for the ones whom are interested, here you go: Click me I hope you all did enjoy reading this join request,   Kind regards, Mousy. 
      ~ © Mousy 
    • -|TG|- 13 - 7 mP'
    • I have experience speaking english     COMO EU JOGO: Deathmatch moda antiga Shotter Vezes que eu toco ou já joguei:  MyLittlePonies ^ ~ ^ Deathmatch em Aplicar          
    • nice map and also a good record/edit. gj boysss
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